Well after reading through some more articles, comments, etc.. I noticed a comment from a facebook user Dan Lynn. Who said “Has anyone set up a counter for # of domains transferred away? Hard to prove, yes, but it would be cool to watch.” Which actually sparked my curiosity, and with that I know its not going to be official, and not everyone in the world will come here to stake there claim but it is funny to think how many will and just as equally I find it a curious thought. So with that I am set out to make that counter now.\r\n\r\nI know for one I am about to move my 100+ domains out by the end of next week. How many have you moved or plan to move? Share with the world here.. Sorry this isn’t pretty if it actually takes off I will rebuild it.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nI was initially starting to build it here within my blog, but I said, why bother to myself. You want to add your domain counts to the unofficial official count? check out http://www.sopastats.com