Yea, no not really.. Today I think is what I am going to call the likely first wave of spam and likely other things to come from Apples recent Dev Center Hacking. Even though they claim no user data was accessed. Or maybe that was the original claim, I haven’t been following all to well after the initial statements as to why I couldn’t log in to access my account, add some new UUID’s or renew my membership. I am just overall sitting and waiting to hear “Hey we’re open again”. So today I was doing my normal routine, checking my emails. And low and behold look an email allegedly from Apple giving me the gift of $400 or so dollars for the Apple Store in the form of a digital gift card. I got this, this morning, but feel maybe I should make some mention somewhere on the web. Hoping no one falls for the obvious ploy. Outside of that, be smart don’t do anything with the email other than delete it. Heres a snapshot of the email I got for those who are curious. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nMind you, the email associated with my dev account is one I rarely use in many places. So, I think its a safe bet that its something obtained through the hack apple suffered from. Also fair notice. I haven’t confirmed this anywhere so, just speculation.