I was just skimming through my Facebook feed, when I see a post (likely a repost) that says:\r\n\r\n”Mattel should make a Barbie with no hair, dress it in pink and call her Hope. So all the little girls fighting cancer can feel pretty. Where 99% of the proceeds go to St. Judes” \r\n\r\nWhich made me think Damn, that’s a good idea, it serves two purposes, one it raises awareness in small children without cancer on what cancer is, assuming parents aren’t outraged by the notion of what might otherwise be considered ugly and try to boycott the idea cause they are to close minded. The other purpose is plain as day and said in the quoted post from fb. Three purposes if Mattel actually did it and then followed it up with donations.\r\n\r\nBut who knows, I’m sure at Mattel HQ the idea has to have been tossed around at one point or another. But It’s likely to be a doomed concept due to those parents above mentioned. So if no money is to be made, why bother I’m sure is the logic to apply the axe to the idea stems from corporate greed. More money comes from making Barbie a super whore and telling children It’s ok to be a whore. Because parents support the idea that that’s pretty..\r\n\r\nPersonally I think Mattel should make Hope.. but I digress.. anyway felt like sharing a random point of view..