I’ve been using Mac / Apple products for going on 4 years. And to this day.. I still never remember the random symbols they use to define shortcuts, and which is which physical key on the keyboard. So I am making myself a cheat sheet, and a cheat sheet for all of you to use. Enjoy\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nFull Keyboard Symbol List:
⌘ is command

⌥ is option

⌃ is control

⇧ is shift

⇪ is caps lock

← is left arrow

→ is right arrow

↑ is up arrow

↓ is down arrow

⇥ is tab

⇤ is backtab

↩ is return

⌤ is enter

⌫ is delete

⌦ is forward delete

⇞ is page up

⇟ is page down

↖ is home

↘ is end

⌧ is clear

␣ is space

⎋ is escape

⏏ is eject