From time to time I find myself in need of knowing what the current epoch timestamp is, either in javascript or in php. More times then less I also find myself recreating a similar function to determine either respectively for either language. But sometimes I find it just so much more easier to have a pre-made function that I can either just see what that number is by going to a bookmark in my browser and getting the equivalent of now for my needs. Or in the event I need to future date something I just want the number. So I am making this simple little form for my benifit but figure so many of you will also enjoy it. Any feedback is welcome.\r\n\r\ntypical javascript method:\r\n
var currTime = new Date().getTime();
\r\ntypical php method:\r\n
$currTime = time();
\r\nSelect Time & Date:

\r\nCurrent time displayed in select’s above is based on the servers location/timezone: which is offset from GMT by \r\n\r\n