When building a front-end to an app, site, or whatever have you. It’s likely good to build it up with standards everyone practices. Assuming that there is an off chance you want to expose your API’s to the world eventually, and even if not, its just good practice. Below is a just a simple cheat sheet of http response status codes and why they are often used\r\n

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CodeResponseHTTP OperationResponse Body ContentsDescription
200GET, PUT, DELETEResourceNo error, operation successful.
201CreatedPOSTResource that was createdSuccessful creation of a resource.
202AcceptedPOST, PUT, DELETEN/AThe request was received.
204No ContentGET, PUT, DELETEN/AThe request was processed successfully, but no response body is needed.
301Moved PermanentlyGETXHTML with linkResource has moved.
303See OtherGETXHTML with linkRedirection.
304Not Modifiedconditional GETN/AResource has not been modified.
400Bad RequestGET, POST, PUT, DELETEError MessageMalformed syntax or a bad query.
401UnauthorizedGET, POST, PUT, DELETEError MessageAction requires user authentication.
403ForbiddenGET, POST, PUT, DELETEError MessageAuthentication failure or invalid Application ID.
404Not FoundGET, POST, PUT, DELETEError MessageResource not found.
405Not AllowedGET, POST, PUT, DELETEError MessageMethod not allowed on resource.
406Not AcceptableGETError MessageRequested representation not available for the resource.
408Request TimeoutGET, POSTError MessageRequest has timed out.
409Resource ConflictPUT, PUT, DELETEError MessageState of the resource doesn’t permit request.
410GoneGET, PUTError MessageThe URI used to refer to a resource.
411Length RequiredPOST, PUTError MessageThe server needs to know the size of the entity body and it should be specified in the Content Length header.
412Precondition failedGETError MessageOperation not completed because preconditions were not met.
413Request Entity Too LargePOST, PUTError MessageThe representation was too large for the server to handle.
414Request URI too longPOST, PUTError MessageThe URI has more than 2k characters.
415Unsupported TypePOST, PUTError MessageRepresentation not supported for the resource.
416Requested Range Not SatisfiableGETError MessageRequested range not satisfiable.
500Server ErrorGET, POST, PUTError MessageInternal server error.
501Not ImplementedPOST, PUT, DELETEError MessageRequested HTTP operation not supported.
502Bad GatewayGET, POST, PUT, DELETEError MessageBackend service failure (data store failure).
505GETError MessageHTTP version not supported.