In a previous post (Google 2-Step Verification) I mention that it may be a wise idea for you to have multiple passwords for all your various accounts on the internet. However I barely elaborated on why its a good idea. I know in general everyone here doesn’t want to fathom the idea of having multiple passwords across multiple accounts, in some cases its hard enough to remember the one you use let alone having multiples. The thoughts I’m sure ring to the tune of something like “I’m just going to forget which account has which password”. So like the mass majority of people self included in some cases the password I use for one place is the same in several others, although with me I am slowly as I think about it when I log into various services I am converting my passwords over to random, unique and different passwords per service.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nSo, why is it a good idea? Well the best answer is and likely the number one key answer is. If any of your given accounts anywhere get hijacked chances are that hijacker if they are savvy enough (and most are), they will go try all the most commonly used services such as facebook, twitter, google+, etc.. Or say your email account is hijacked, chances are you have sensitive data in your email stored for easy access from anywhere. Maybe a bank statement, or utility bill, whatever might have online access to work with them how bout PayPal? Thats a nice example, or how about eBay maybe? So now in theory a hijacker has your account info for one account, then they have a wealth of other info they find out by trying the above mentioned and similar services with the same combination of user/pass they hijacked the first account with. Chances are if your like the majority that combo will unlock almost everything with your name on it? Am I right?\r\n\r\nNow there are other reasons but minor in comparison as to why its a great idea to have multiple passwords, for multiple accounts. With that you’re likely thinking I might be right now, but how do you manage what will likely be a 20+ different passwords across your daily habits and maybe another 20 else where. Well the easiest way is in my own opinion at least is LastPass. It has cross browser support, works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It comes in multiple flavors from stand alone app to integration into your favorite browser (except IE, but IE sucks and you shouldn’t be using it anyway if you want a good experience surfing the web, maybe Ill beat a dead horse and post about that another day as well).\r\n\r\nAnother thing I like about LastPass is that it has a random password generator quickly generate a random password, set it, and save it then basically forget it. LastPass works on any number of computers with an internet connection so your passwords basically come with you anywhere you go. By the way, LastPass is not sponsoring me to say this for any reason and I gain nothing from doing so, I just say it how it is, thats just how I am. There are plenty of other similar apps some that have been around much longer than LastPass but despite its age its just about the best app for the purpose I have found to date thus far. They also own another app FoxMarks which does basically the same thing for bookmarks in your browser as its counter part does for passwords allowing you to bring them with you anywhere you go as well.