So.. you must be like a buddy of mine who went out and got themselves a copy of PhotoShop in a not so legitimate way. Of course as he tells the story, its legit and paid for. Which will always make me grin and laugh. Why, you ask? Simple. If you spent 400-3500 dollars on any given Adobe product and got it in the wrong language well that in it of itself is just plain funny. What adds character to how funny that is, the claim of it being legit, and not being able to go to Adobe Systems and exchange your copy saying “Whoops, I messed up.. can I get a copy in English please? Here is my receipt number.”\r\n\r\nTo me, you with a copy of any Adobe product PhotoShop or otherwise with another language outside of any that you may speak says.. You made like a capitan on the seven seas and decided to go plunder some treasure trove of its fruits, and just downloaded a random copy of PhotoShop from somewhere not so legitimate. I’d rather hear you plundered it than be lied to like I’m going to run to the authorities and say “OMG!!! My Buddy is a Haxor, he’s got photoshop”.. Please.. I’d much more likely give you a pat on the back for being so crafty and savy enough to go out and do it. Not that I support such a notion, but none the less..\r\n\r\nAnyway your obviously not here looking to hear me rant on about the legitimacy of software and how its bad to not get it through proper channels, your not here to read about how my buddy got his, and I made fun of him for it.. You are hear so you can get your not so legit copy of PhotoShop back to English from what ever language your stuck in currently.\r\n\r\nChances are you’ve already gone through the software prefs and found that you have a single option for choice of language, maybe 2 or more depending on the region it was release for. Either way though nothing in English.. Also you have likely googled a bit to try and figure it out yourself I mean your hear aren’t you? In your searches how many pages did you come across that said its not possible? You read something along the lines of each installer and serial there of is set to a specific language(s) and that’s that. Well I know I read a few like that before figuring out my solution that I am finally deciding to share here with you.\r\n\r\nSo first the logic, most will have you believe the language is hardcoded in impossible to change. To those arrogant people I simply say. Where is Adobe HQ? Its in America correct? America is predominately english speaking. That said the software is likely to be developed in english, which to me say Language Pack.. and you know what (I was right with that thought). Finding it however was a bit tricky. So now that I’ve said that heres your answer .\r\n\r\nWhether it be on Mac or Windows and it be PhotoShop CS4+ (I’ve confirmed this on Windows 7 with CS5 and on Mac with OSX Lion with CS5.5). The way to get your copy of PhotoShop to default back to its original language is to basically remove the language pack. Personally I saved mine and just gave it a .bak extension (ya never know). So all you have to do is….\r\n\r\nFirst close PhotoShop, we don’t want it running during this.\r\n\r\nNext go to your PhotShop installed folder, in it you will see a folder “Locales” open that folder and you are presented with even more folders we are looking for “es_*” the * in this case being whatever two letter country code for the language(s) installed. Open that folder and you will be presented with even more folders. Open the folder “Support Files”. Now we are looking for a file similar to “tw1042.dat” the numbers may be different for you in the case of my buddies copy this was it. Either way the “tw” and the “.dat” remain despite the numbers. You may have more than one of these files as well in this folder. For all of them just either delete them or play it smart and rename the extension to “.bak”\r\n\r\nLastly reopen PhotoShop when its loaded take note of your menu’s now. They should be in english. YAY! Super simple and easy Hack for you and the “impossible” task that most will have you believe it is.e