Google 2 step verification

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Never realized how many devices, pieces of software, other that I have my Google accounts tied to until i decided to activate the process.\r\nGotta say the extra security is a nice peace of mind. But all the while It’s a curse while I slowly adapt all my devices, apps, pc’s etc over to the 2 [...]

Google and all of its markets

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You know it wasn’t to long ago that i read something about how Google was intent on cutting some fat with some of there various software, and was planning to put focus on some of its main software. But today I realized something.\r\nAfter chrome books and Google+ launched they seemed to have gone into high [...]

First post.. Welcome to chrishacia.com

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Well for the sake of having some form of content in one shape form or another I suppose I should use this posting as my “First Post” just random babble that’s really not going to make a whole lot of sense. It really serves no purpose to the site though.\r\n […]