GameStop Mobile App

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Found out recently GameStop had an app. An app that was supposed to be useful. So I download it, give it a good shot to impress me, only to find out its literally a waste of space in my phones memory. […]

Revisiting Poetry Asylum

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Wow.. you know its been years since I’ve put any serious thought into Poetry Asylum and almost just as long since it was taken down due to Moving around so much both physically and digitally. Life moved on without it for a long time. Things got lost, priorities changed, and so on.\r\n […]

Mayan End Times Prophecy (Apocalyptic Countdown)

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Well you can either call me morbid or just a skeptic. Either way just cause I can and feel it might be amusing anecdote in these odd times of ours. I present to you a little page on the “End of Times” or at least what most of the human race has deemed to be such later this [...]

Mattel Barbie: Hope (Cancer Awareness) Campaign

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This is interesting the other day I ranted about how toy companies, Mattel in specific for the particular post in question. Talking about how they amongst other toy companies don’t really cater to anyone outside the norm, and really people in the norm. I was in sorts ranting about how Mattel makes all these “fabulous” [...]

Mattel Barbie: Hope (Cancer Awareness)

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I was just skimming through my Facebook feed, when I see a post (likely a repost) that says:\r\n\r\n”Mattel should make a Barbie with no hair, dress it in pink and call her Hope. So all the little girls fighting cancer can feel pretty. Where 99% of the proceeds go to St. Judes” \r\n […]

SOPA: Domain Transfer Counter

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Well after reading through some more articles, comments, etc.. I noticed a comment from a facebook user Dan Lynn. Who said “Has anyone set up a counter for # of domains transferred away? Hard to prove, yes, but it would be cool to watch.” Which actually sparked my curiosity, and with that I know its [...]

SOPA: Cancer of the Internet

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What is SOPA you ask? SOPA is an ancrony for “Stop Online Piracy Act” view a more in-depth definition at Wikipedia. Now while this in concept may not sound so bad, and may actually come across as a noble concept of trying to put an end to illegal distribution of copyrighted materials such as music, movies, software, books, basically anything that [...]

Change your Adobe Language back to English easily

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So.. you must be like a buddy of mine who went out and got themselves a copy of PhotoShop in a not so legitimate way. Of course as he tells the story, its legit and paid for. Which will always make me grin and laugh. Why, you ask? Simple. If you spent 400-3500 dollars on [...]