Internet Explorer (IE) 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 on Mac for Web Developers and those shackled to IE

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 \r\nWell finally figure a legal way out to testing all my browser needs on my projects while saving on my electric bill. All without having to also format various machines and update them per the needs at the time. Through the use of my good old friend VirtualBox I can now have various flavors of [...]

Comment your Code!

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Sure we are all self proclaimed guru’s our code is our kingdom, why should we take notes. We made it we can read it. Well all I can say to that is your logic is flawed. Just cause you write code today into next week does not mean in a month from now after writing [...]

PHP Debug Array or JSON object easily

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As a engineer I work with Arrays of Data, day in and day out. Whether its building them out or pulling them in from somewhere. More often than I’d like to admit something gets lost in translation and I have to see whats going on. Now most people will just simply do a quick debug [...]

PHP Validate Email Address

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If you have ever needed to validate an email address to see if the format is good then heres a nice function that does that and more up to and including checking the DNS of the domain of the email address to see if its actually a real domain. Though a lot of people will [...]

PHP Strong Password

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If you want to prompt your users to create password that is a certain length more or less, that is also strong by today’s definition then here is a good example. This can be elaborated on even more but for common use in most practices this is more than enough. You can comment out like [...]