Comment your Code!

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Sure we are all self proclaimed guru’s our code is our kingdom, why should we take notes. We made it we can read it. Well all I can say to that is your logic is flawed. Just cause you write code today into next week does not mean in a month from now after writing [...]

Clean Gradient CSS Styled Buttons

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Now I take no claim on creating this CSS I want to state that first and foremost, I did however find it some time back, and I use it often enough, but I find myself going back into older projects to pull this same code out time and time again. So since I use my [...]

Whats that damn HTML Color Code

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Ever been stuck going through someone else’s styling to find a bunch of offset non-compliant color codes in use, find your self stuck not knowing which which color that is? Well today is just that day for me. Im picking apart a large css file, resampling a lot of the work for a new project. [...]

.htaccess redirect files on a one to one basis

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Lately I have been going over sites I have helped people with in the past revisiting them if you will, I have also been reevaluating some of my old sites that no longer exist yet still have the domains for. While doing this it dawned on me, that I have allowed some people to host [...]